DIY Hand Sanitizer
Make your own hand sanitizer at home!

DIY Hand Sanitizer

I absolutely LOVE essential oils! Over the past two years I've been learning to substitute them for all kinds of uses. Today, I made my own hand sanitizer at home,…

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Why bother to know yourself?

Why bother to know yourself?? I was involved in a group discussion earlier this week that touched on this topic. We spoke about how personal development coaches, life coaches, health/wellness,…

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Have you ever had feelings of not-enough-ness? A time when you've felt you weren't enough? I know I have! You know the feeling: I'm not ______ enough (thin, shapely, pretty,…

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Do You Love Yourself?

How's your relationship with your body? My late 40's brought an end to three decades of self-loathing and body shaming. Find out how I learned to love myself more and discovered an awareness, clarity, and repair to my relationship with my body like I've never known before.

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