Escape the Grind

On a whim, escape- get out of town and see where the weekend takes you! My hubby, Scott and I just did that very thing last weekend! We made it through graduation week with our oldest daughter and celebrated the end of elementary school with our youngest.

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You Either Get Bitter or You Get Better

Life is a series of choices – our choices. We are responsible for how we respond to what happens to us in life. Everyday we’re faced with a series of choices that mold who we are: choices with food, exercise, relationships, career. Sometimes, though, we’re faced with difficulties in life.

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I've experienced many proud parent moments in my life. As parents we are our kids first teachers and (hopefully) the voice in their heads as they grow. I was so touched to have come across this beautiful display of positive thinking in my daughter's room, that I wanted to share it with you.


Who are you inspiring??

As we go through our day; morning routine, going to work or school, cooking meals, working out, playing with our kids and/or pets and spending time with our spouses, significant others, family and friends, do we ever consider the possibility that we are an inspiration for someone else?

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