Stronger Than The Storm

Proven Strategies To Conquer
Fear, Discover Strength and
Overcome The Unexpected

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Stronger Than The Storm is for:

→ Anyone who’s suffered from that big LIFE storm that can tear down everything you’ve worked hard to build.

→ Those who want to be prepared when their storms come rolling in.

→ People who wish to reinvent themselves, fulfill their dreams, and take optimum care of themselves.

→ Fighters who get up each day wanting to do their best to keep a positive outlook on life during times of stress, uncertainty and fear.

→ Anyone who wants to discover the power of becoming their most authentic self!

Storms come and go. Michele Laine and her family endured a storm the likes of which she’d never have imagined. It ripped so much apart, they were left with nothing. She wondered how they could ever come out the other side.

About the Author

Growing up with a mother suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Michele was no stranger to facing challenges and working hard. At the young age of 12, she helped care for her mother and began working at her father’s restaurant, busing tables on the weekends.

With so much responsibility at an early age, Michele looked forward to time for herself and found her passion in the dance studio, taking as many classes as she could from adolescence through high school. She learned that following passions helped balance life in a stressful world. Her journey led to studying dance in the Fine Arts Department at the University of California-Irvine, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in dance, teaching emphasis.

She met her husband, Scott, near her final year of college. They set off on entrepreneurial adventures; Michele educated herself in accounting and finance management and have since built multiple businesses together. Always an advocate for healthy living, Michele’s passion for health never faded. But it wasn’t until she experienced the most tumultuous time of loss in her life, that she vowed to find better ways to manage her stress and live a life doing things that fulfilled her heart.

Michele’s also a neuro-transformational coach as well as a prolific blogger and now, International Bestselling Author.

She began her writing journey contributing articles for the popular website Everyday Paleo before creating her own blog, where she shares her philosophies on life, health, and wellness. Michele’s message places value on what’s inside YOU; focusing on your strengths, implementing a healthy lifestyle and pushing past fears to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. She enjoys inspiring others to unlock their inner strength, beauty, and power to become their most authentic self.

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