Do You Invest In Yourself?

Do You Invest In Yourself?

Have you ever invested in yourself?

  • A trip to the salon perhaps?
  • Spa?
  • Massage?
  • Exercise and nutrition program?
  • Personal Trainer?
  • Self-study course?

How did you feel afterward? Would you do it again? Was it worth every penny?

I know when I invest in any of those things, I feel rejuvenated and inspired to repeat the action. Sometimes tho, those expenses can add up. How do I justify it?

There are many expenses in life: rent or mortgage, car loans, healthcare, food, activities. Necessities-right? We quickly learn to prioritize these expenses by their value of importance.

Why is it then, that we often discount the importance of investing in ourselves? Our self-care? I believe in the importance of spending money on ourselves for personal growth; Body * Mind * Soul * Spirit. So much so, that I have a savings “bucket” set aside for such investments! I invest the money I earn as a personal trainer into this bucket and spend it on myself. I receive value from working with people on improving their health and I keep that positive energy flowing into a personal investment. Paying it forward, if you will.

It’s not always easy to set extra income aside toward my goal, but I find if it’s important to me, I’ll find a way to make it happen. I don’t consider spending money on myself as a selfish act because it nourishes me so I can be at my best for my children, husband, and life’s unpredictable events.

I enjoy seeing the progress clients make when they decide to take action in their lives. As a strength & conditioning coach, the task of coaching is to help my clients be consistent in showing up, suggest healthy habits to accompany their training, teach safe movement, provide encouragement, and create the foundation for results. Much like any other type of coaching program.

Last Summer, I decided to invest in myself! I invested in self-study courses, certification, and my first experience with a writing coach. I did exactly what I’m asking of my clients, a living example.

Admittedly, when I hired my first coach, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m a driven person, so I couldn’t wrap my head around where the guidance would serve me. Then, it dawned on me: the purpose of a hiring a coach is gaining a helping hand in keeping me on track to meet my goals. Someone to help me stop spinning my wheels! It was the BEST investment I’ve ever made.

In one short year, (while still running our two businesses) I educated myself in self-publishing and wrote and published my first book!

Next, I hired a business coach. In one month, I enhanced my blog into a full blown business website and expanded on the opportunities my published book has provided me. We’ve worked together to align my messaging, branding, social media marketing and coaching packages. Excitingly, I’m now able to bring to you my online mind/body accountability coaching feature!!

Once again, my coach provides encouragement and guidance, while helping me push through any mental blocks that want to stop my progress. Overwhelming feelings come easy when working toward a goal with a full plate. She helps me organize weekly tasks that keep me moving forward with inspired action. Having someone by my side to hold my vision for me and break down actionable steps each week is helpful when I’m unable to see that vision.

I stay on task even with my current obligations and watch the progress add up. More importantly, I don’t waste energy spinning my wheels or filling my mind with worry. I keep moving forward and have a lot more fun doing so!

Each time I move a step closer to my end goal, my creativity begins to flow and confidence builds. By having a system of accountability, I work each week through my resistance, shrinking and especially my ego! (Ego: the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious. It’s responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity).

Man oh man does my ego want to stop me from exceeding and expanding! The lessons of moving past the ego are invaluable to becoming self-aware of our mental blocks. The ability to push through in spite of them builds confidence and belief in the potential to succeed in life. My ego works hard to keep me in a comfortable space and loves to tell me how much easier it would be just to quit. Especially the more I grow and step through the fear. That silly ego wants to interfere and derail my progress along the way. Yup, even coaches need a helping hand from time to time! We just aren’t meant to go through life’s challenges alone. The magic happens when we’re honest and vulnerable!

As I look back over this past year, I recognize I’m continuing to receive a return on my investment; my expansion! A further belief in my abilities and what I’m capable of. Results have come from taking action and moving forward. Each action step inspires me to take another, oftentimes bigger step. I couldn’t have accomplished this on my own. I’m grateful for my moment of self-compassion which allowed myself to seek the help I needed to succeed. It’s been the key to making such massive change in my life and has made me a better version of myself. Priceless!

I wake up excited to see what each day brings. I’m eager for what opportunity may present itself today due to the action I’m taking toward my end goal. It’s an amazing experience to be open to the abundance that follows when I’m open to receiving it. Learning to trust and take a chance leads to more inspired action on my part. I’m proud for NOT letting the fear, negativity, and doubt stop me.

I stop wasting time thinking about the actions I “should” be taking. I knew I needed help. Have you ever felt that way? Feeling so overwhelmed and burdened that you wished someone could just show you the next step. Show you how to break down each week’s tasks to meet your goal?

Have you ever felt that way? Feeling so overwhelmed and burdened that you wished someone could just show you the next step. Show you how to break down each week’s tasks to meet your goal?

That’s what a coach does for you and it can be in any area of life!!

Whether it’s a business coach, a visibility coach, a health coach, life coach, or mind/body, accountability coach. We each have our areas of expertise with one common purpose, to serve. To help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. A person to provide tools for success and be there for you, to break down actionable steps each week toward your goal. Someone to supply much-needed accountability and encouragement along the way.

I’ve really liked investing in people who’ve been where I’ve been and who reach out for help themselves along on their journey. A person who’s always learning and continues to explore ways to expand. A coach who enjoys sharing and teaching from their own experiences.

Personal growth happens when we desire to change and decide to take inspired action to make that change happen.

Now it’s my turn to help you! My purpose as a mind-body, accountability coach is to help you work through any blocks you may be experiencing. We’ll work together to shift your thought patterns, align your self-care priorities, create healthy habits to integrate into your daily routine and guide you toward identifying and living your passions in life so you can be your most authentic self!

Ladies are you:

  • Considering ways to add positive energy in your life?
  • Looking for ways to reduce stress and breathe deeply?
  • A mother of children growing older and not sure what to do with the time on your hands?
  • Working all the time and not sure where to begin working on you?
  • Taking care of everyone else around you but not making time for yourself?
  • Noticing a lack of confidence in yourself?
  • Noticing body changes that no longer respond to the things that worked for you before?
  • Are you looking for sustainable habits to improve your quality of life?

Do you:

  • Want to make changes in your lifestyle to help you feel vibrant and full of energy?
  • Wish you felt better than you did in your twenties?
  • Desire more time in your schedule to prioritize yourself and reach your personal goals?
  • Yearn to feel beautiful in your skin?
  • Want to make time to be living your passions and dreams?

Are you ready to take inspired action? If you’re a woman in your late 30’s or beyond and you’ve said yes to any (or many) of the above, I want to help you! Work with me to get from where you are now to where you want to go. I want to help you feel better than you did in your 20’s and stop feeling anything less than your most authentic self!

Connect with me for a FREE 20-minute Discovery Call to see if we’d be a good fit for each other.








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