Escape the Grind

Escape the Grind

On a whim, escape- get out of town and see where the weekend takes you! My hubby, Scott and I just did that very thing last weekend! We made it through graduation week with our oldest daughter and celebrated the end of elementary school with our youngest. 

This school year has been a whirlwind, complete with lots of milestones and emotions. We needed to get away, just the two of us, but knew the next three weekends were booked. In fact, taking a look at our calendar, weekends were already booked through July and Summer just started!! I’m sure you can relate; how does that happen so darned fast??!! It didn’t seem as if a quick weekend trip was in the cards for us for another month or so however, unbeknownst to Scott, our daughters agreed to take care of each other and our puppy for the weekend. I  love that they’re finally at the age to do this!! A few clicks of a mouse later, I had reservations in Mendocino, Ca and a plan to leave Friday afternoon, less than 24 hours later! I waited until the very end of Thursday evening to share my news with my hubby.IMG_3360 I knew he had a stressful day at work and this would surprise him. The joy on his face when I broke the news was priceless -like the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders. We were like two kids on Christmas morning. How glad I was that I didn’t pass on the chance to get away! So often, we get good at being over scheduled; complacent with our daily lives and forget that one on one time is not only important, but much needed. We’re so busy shuffling kids to and from sports and activities and living through daily responsibilities, we forget to make each other a priority. We oftentimes push chances aside, convincing ourselves there will be another time soon. We take our relationships for granted. It’s not intentional, but as day after day and week after week passes, it’s not long before six months have passed since your last date night. It was time for us to commit to a new habit of finding our joy and letting the negative go!

With a reservation to the quaint Mendocino Inn and Spa and a tank of gas in the car, we set off on our weekend adventure. No plans, no expectations. We were excited for a change of scenery and couldn’t wait to be by the ocean.IMG_3375 The weekend was relaxing and reflective. The weather? Sunny, clear, gorgeous and no fog! Quite unusual for June, we lucked out! We talked and laughed, ate amazing food and walked for miles allowing the sun to kiss us with glorious Vitamin D. We noticed how hard it was for our minds to downshift from our hustle and bustle world, but embraced our surroundings and strolled along the sea, intentionally slowing down our pace for the weekend. We slept in until 10am and ate brunch. BRUNCH!!!   We visited Mackerricher Park in Fort Brag, CA and took the road less traveled. We spent time in the tide pools and stopped the world for a few hours admiring all the life beneath the surface of the water.

Amazing sea life danced below, alive and busy, traveling from here to there, as we slowed down and stopped to take a closer look.

We walked along the beach practicing the art of silly selfies together and feeling the warm sand between our toes.  IMG_2219We drove along the coast and soaked in all the redwoods and coastal beauty of our surroundings. We were void of schedules, void of “have toos”, void of stressors. What we found were treasures: memories made! I’ll always remember that day at the ocean. It was so simple, so beautiful, so happy, so out of the ordinary for us to not be in a rush. We left our ocean getaway refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated  and reconnected. Priceless.

In a few short years, our nest will be empty.  Finding ways to stay connected, share thoughts, feelings, enjoy each other’s company and really communicate is important to us so we can continue to build our relationship. Making time for each other, really prioritizing us as much as we’ve prioritized our kids is essential for relationship longevity.
IMG_0001 2

Sometimes we just need to slow down a bit and take a closer look at our lives to enjoy the simple treasures around us. Stepping away from technology and responsibilities to breathe – really breathe, open our eyes and appreciate the beauty life has to offer. We’ve spent 25 years together.  I find it refreshing we can still learn about each other; how we’ve grown, our likes, dislikes and what are hopes are for the future. Things you don’t discover unless you have the chance to really talk, uninterrupted by children, work and life.IMG_3370

So where will you go on your next escape? Perhaps you have the opportunity for a stay-cation together? ( Stay-cation: time at home with the kids away). It happens – honest! It’s a very rare treasure in itself!! Can friends or relatives take the kids for a few days so you can get away? Maybe it’s committing to a date night once a week? Whatever works for you; jump at the chance and embrace getting to know your spouse again. Away from the partnership of parental and household life. Remind yourselves why you got together in the first place. You may find yourselves like us, in need of an escape, taking the road less traveled leading to discovered treasures. Even a brief escape can leave you feeling like kids and refreshed with a sense of renewed connection.  Where are your favorite get away spots? What treasures did you discover? Share your stories in the comments below and have a GREAT weekend!!

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