Who are you inspiring??

As we go through our day; morning routine, going to work or school, cooking meals, working out, playing with our kids and/or pets and spending time with our spouses, significant others, family and friends, do we ever consider the possibility that we are an inspiration for someone else?

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Father’s Day Reflections and Beyond

We celebrated Father’s Day this year with an early morning, family bike ride to our favorite breakfast place across town. As the cool morning breeze kissed my face and the sun warmed my skin, I watched as my beautiful family pedaled ahead of me and I reflected on just how fast time was flying by. (more…)

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We are beautiful creatures with minds capable of amazing things. However, sometimes our minds take a vacation and veer off on a trail that's not always so pleasant. For me, those are the days I feel like I’m crawling out of my own skin or when I find myself facing new or old fears.

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