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Rediscovering Your Personal Power

Rediscovering our personal power awakens us to a journey of taking ownership of our own actions, reactions, and choices available to us.

This journey of self-empowerment and self-mastery, helps us unlearn patterns of thought and behavior that keep us feeling limited or stuck.

Two weekends ago, my husband and I got away from the responsibilities of life. We drove our trailer up to the mountains and camped for the weekend out of the population and cell phone range.

mountain escape

This is my happy place. So beautiful, quiet,  and a welcome escape from the crazy, busy world we live in. It’s easy to look around at the beauty and calmness here and forget about the troubles of the “real world.”

Listening to music on the drive, as we often do, I heard this song.

The song is called . Here are a few lines from the song that I really liked:

In a time full of war, be peace

In a time full of doubt, Just believe

Yeah, there ain’t that Much difference Between you and me

In a place that needs a change, make a difference

In a time full of noise, just listen

Oh, don’t hide in the dark, you were born to shine

My hubby and I engaged in deep conversations the whole weekend. Conversations around all of the happenings in the world right now: COVID, racial tensions, and navigating the political, media landscape. We spoke of the importance of living a life we believe in and to talk about it with people who have other points of view … not in a combative way, but to get people thinking, listening.

Talking less and listening more.

FEELING for ourselves where we stand. Not in the status quo, but in how we truly feel in being ourselves. We found even between us, there were biases in our own unconscious beliefs that we could share with each other. Every human has unconscious biases. It is impossible for our human brain not too. It’s constantly making meaning of our environments and experiences in life: continually deleting, sorting, filtering, and automating the data it collects in an effort to keep us alive and protected.

We got to experience each other’s points of view without having to agree or disagree. It’s interesting how much of a natural response it is for humans to want to jump into defending our position from our own experiences. When, in the end, we are wanting the same things, coming from two different perspectives.

How often is that happening in the world around us? People in defense, taking offense, not listening, not trying to understand. Pushing agendas or right or wrong ways of being? How fast the conversations turn when emotions of anger or hurt take over.

I spent a lot of time reflecting this past weekend, in the quiet spaces.

In revisiting our conversations in my mind, I found myself looking back at how I “used” to be.

mountain camp fire weekend

There was a time I didn’t have an opinion.

In my past, I was afraid to rock the boat and avoided conflict – always playing the peacekeeper. I would have been responding and reacting to the world around me right now so differently: living in much more stress, fear,  and anxiety. Shut off from opinions on the events of the world, and afraid to speak up if I didn’t agree. I did myself an injustice because those thought patterns kept me further away from truly knowing myself beyond everyone else’s expectations of me.

I lived in a world of expectations, assumptions, and pre-decided outcomes, preventing me from leaping outside my zone of comfort.

I was so afraid of what people were going to think and so busy beating myself up for my imperfections, I never bothered to raise my awareness of the world beyond my bubble. That’s my transparent truth.

These past months I’ve been engaged in uncomfortable conversations with my husband, my family, Facebook groups, my black friends, my white friends, my friends of color, and my clients all in an effort to bridge the gap between a multitude of emotions we are all experiencing right now. Listening. Learning. Reading. Learning. Expanding my awareness.

Being okay with saying I don’t know the answers and becoming more educated. I have so much more perspective and broader perceptions of not only my life but other’s experiences.  I’ve even been intentional about engaging in conversations with my teenage and adult daughters with a listening ear and curiosity, instead of worry and fear.

Owning the chaos of my life and finding the beauty in that chaos has allowed me more compassion and love for myself and humanity than I ever thought possible.

I am in complete gratitude and appreciation for every event, obstacle, and challenge in my life that led me to rediscover my personal power. For the understanding that I am choosing and creating my reality at all times. That every single thing is there because I chose it either subconsciously or consciously.

Taking responsibility for myself is the ultimate freedom!

Allowing me to find my voice.

Reminding me to pull back, integrate, and take care of my well-being.

Presenting me discernment through all the noise, so I can stay present.

With the awareness of who we truly are, our thoughts cannot be as easily manipulated. For instance, we cannot be told what to think, or how to feel. We may stumble, get triggered, have fears, need to feel, and express anger and pain, sadness, or regret. But when we allow ourselves to feel into them ( instead of run from them) they pass in moments with awareness rather than lasting days, months, or even years. Emoting helps us avoid shoving emotion down into our bodies where it can later cause us further resistance,  dis-ease, or disruption at the surface!

An unstoppable, embodiment of the limitless personal power that helps us create extraordinary change in the world because we are not operating out of emotional fears or triggers.

We’re building our self-trust and intuition muscles to discern the difference and no longer feel we have to live life by default. My community of friends and colleagues are in the business of personal development. People willing to shine a light on their darkness, their wounds so that they can heal and evolve their being.

This process is imperfect in itself because of our humanness. Yet, uncovering patterns of thought that no longer serve me or catching myself in my unconscious biases helps bring to my awareness what I no longer choose to live with.  I think that’s where we begin. Individually being open and willing to lean into the discomfort of our findings and be at choice with what we do to move forward with learning and dedication in our commitment to evolve and grow.

These are some of the questions I constantly ask myself to continue to strengthen my inner foundation. 

  • How much more can I know myself?
  • How much more can I be open and curious?
  • How much more awareness can I expand into?
    • Where am I feeling safe vs being willing to question my biases?
    • Does it serve me? Do I know my body, my heart, my mind well enough to discern the difference?
    • Do I have the knowledge of how the mind works so I can become aware of my patterns of thoughts and behaviors?
    • Do I have the tools for discernment and action AND/OR remembering to come back to them in this uncertain time?


The truest gift is a lifetime commitment to inner work for continuous growth and healing.

choose your perspective

We GET to come into alignment with the ways in which we see the world. The ways we operate in the world with the tools we’ve been given allows us to be an active creator in our reality.

Each of us has available to us the gift of shifting perspectives by seeing life through new lenses. We each have the ability to expand our trust and well-being with new awareness and tools for continued growth.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, we GET to forgive ourselves for what we didn’t know in the past! 

First, meet yourself wherever you are in your journey of life friend.

Second, give yourself grace for what you didn’t know.

Lastly, learn where it is you can remain at choice in your reactions, responses, thoughts, behaviors, and values for what’s most important to you.

I think Thomas Rhett got it so right in the lyrics to that song. Because, when we face our darkness (fears) and address our emotions (in a healthy way) by leaning in and exploring our discomfort, we find freedom. We BECOME the light we shine into the world.​

We all feel stuck or lost at times. We all have room to grow. As long as we’re living, we’ll continue to experience new phases of life and how we choose to shine through our experiences.

I leave you with this…when we know better, we can do better!



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