Want Great Skin At Any Age?
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Want Great Skin At Any Age?

I’m often asked, how do I keep my skin looking fabulous? I had to think about it for a bit because what I’ve found works best on my skin isn’t an expensive cream or youth serum, acne solution, or wrinkle reducer. In fact, I’d like to attribute my youthful appearance to my olive complexion, Italian genes, and smart sun exposure. However, my beauty secret is much simpler – it’s great self-care: sleep, stress management, staying hydrated, good nutrition, exercise and using natural oils on my skin!

Yup, nothing has worked better on my skin than natural oils: coconut, olive, emu, avocado hemp and jojoba oils, to name a few! I know, I know, I used to think using oils on my skin was bad too, but it turns out, our skin is made up of oils and thrives on the nutrients provided by them. This is why these oils absorb quickly into the skin and don’t leave a greasy, shiny layer behind. Why would we want to work so hard to strip out of our skin the actual nutrients it needs to thrive?

I switched to natural skincare just about seven years ago now, and I’ve really liked how my skin looks and feels. With continued use, I began noticing a smooth, dewy appearance to my skin and wrinkles much less visible. (Yay for those of us over 40!!)

I recently performed a test against a well-known beauty line for two months to see if it could produce any differing results. Not only was it more expensive, but I hadn’t noticed any significant difference in my skin.

Just after two weeks of going back to the oils, I noticed the tone and texture of my skin improving once again. This was proof enough for me!

Today, there are numerous companies conveniently packaging products with all natural ingredients but price points vary. I’ve been using Dragonfly Traditions for over three years now and instantly fell in love with the product line!

It was a pleasure to meet Phoebe Collins face to face at Paleo Fx last year.

Phoebe is the owner of Dragonfly Traditions, a natural skincare line that’s not only effective but affordable!! My morning and evening skincare routines are simplified and I feel good about using natural products that are nature’s medicine on my skin. Products with no added chemicals, preservatives, additives, and especially, no endocrine disrupters. Click here for a list of each oil used, what it does for your skin and what use it’s best for.

You’ll find information on her website about how to use each of her handmade products as well as an included pamphlet with each purchase. I also LOVE that Phoebe makes herself available for any questions you may have – all you have to do is reach out!

I believe in this product so much that I’m proud to announce Inner Strength & Beauty has teamed with Dragonfly Traditions to be able to offer you a special discount code on every purchase!! Simply type in the discount code BEAUTY to receive 10% off every order!

AND… we are having a PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!!! Pheobe has three amazing NEW products I’m absolutely crazy about – HB5 Serum Gel, Vitamin C Scrub and Oil Cleansing Pads. We’re giving away one of each of these fabulous new products to three lucky winners drawn on June 1st!

To enter, simply “like” and “share” this blog post with family and friends. All “likes” on this post will be automatically entered to win!

You can find a complete list of other fabulous natural skincare products here.

Summer will be here soon. Now’s a great time to get your skin clean, moisturized and prepped to soak in some Vitamin D from those sunny Summer rays. Be sure to also check out Pheobe’s great warm weather products: All Natural Bug Spray, All Natural Deodorant (which works amazingly and is the absolute best natural deoderant!!) and her fantastic Lip Shimmer too.

Happy Shopping 🙂

Do you use oils on your skin? Have questions? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!




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