What Will I Do With My Life?

What Will I Do With My Life?

What will I do with my life…this is the big question isn’t it? I know it’s the question running through my beautiful daughter’s mind as she embraces leaving high school behind and searching for her future out into the real world. I’m proud she’s ready to make an impact on the world, even if she’s unsure of what direction life will take her.

Shouldn’t we always be striving to live a life full of betterment? I know I’ve asked myself this question time and again: “What will I do with my life?” I know I want to have an impact on people’s lives; to empower, encourage, inspire and excite people into living a life that is true to their heart, their dreams and their passions. Doesn’t matter to me if those I inspire are age 11 or 80, the more the merrier. The thing is, I think we should never stop asking ourselves this question, no matter our age. There’s always possibility of doing anything we put our mind too and searching for a way.

It’s important to strive to define ourselves as we find our place in the world. Maybe take our passions and find a way to make a good living from them; fulfilling the creativity and talent within us and inspiring others to do the same. With any luck, we can create a career worth waking up for each day and never feel like it’s work. A life not only full of memories, but full of people who’s lives we touched along the way.

I want my kids to live a life true to themselves. To really go for their dreams no matter how big, because they’ll never know what they can achieve without reaching for those dreams and trying. Through process of elimination or achievement they get to know themselves just a bit more. With each no, yes, or impossible task that seems out of reach,they begin to realize with each success their potential that lies within. Confidence takes hold. Soon, there are no impossible tasks, there’s only drive, determination and perseverance. Anyone can have this!

I’ve impressed upon my daughters to recognize the options they have in life by the choices they make. The choice to take action;to put energy into the things that fulfill them.

  • To take chances and not give up.
  • To avoid excuses because they only waste precious time.
  • To acknowledge that they will make mistakes and continue to teach them it’s what they learn from those mistakes that will shape who they’ll become.

I’ve encouraged them to embrace their creativity and vision. Those are gifts not everyone has and something the world needs more of! I’ve also encouraged them to not be discouraged when life gets confusing; the answers will come in time. I want them to plan to provide for themselves and not expect anyone else to do that because nothing in life is owed. I teach them too work hard and always look for solutions: create a solution for a problem instead of being the person with the problem. Lastly, never be afraid to be yourself, even of that isn’t the norm; individuality is so much more interesting than conforming to an ideal.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? It’s because far to often we settle. We settle in our careers, in our day to day lives. We become complacent and forget that we have dreams. We lose hope that we’ll ever make those dreams come true or worse, give up on ourselves. We forget to allow ourselves to reach further and far too often allow fear take hold instead of facing it head on.

I know this, because I was doing the same thing in my life until recent years. We lived through a series of life obstacles that changed our course. Without those obstacles, I’d never have developed the courage and insight to become who I am today and do the things I’m most passionate about. I don’t want that to happen to my daughters and I don’t want that to happen to you. I was reminded of these things as I watched this video.


My daughter, Sami created this video titled “The Future” as an expression of where she’s at in her life right now; a high school graduate with her undetermined future ahead of her. I feel it speaks to many of us, even long after high school. Can’t we all relate to figuring out how life’s going to fit together for us? We don’t have to merely exist, but that we can really make something our of our lives if we want too! All we need is the desire and drive to do so. In fact, I believe it’s half the battle!

I’m inspired to share her talent and passion with all of you. It’s not hard to see she has a knack for video editing; she loves the creativity, technicality and artistry of it and has a great eye! I couldn’t be prouder seeing her try something new, following her passion and searching for ways to discover not only an outlet for creativity, but find possible answers for her future.

To follow Sami or to check out more great videos, check out her Instagram link @samilaine3197 or find her on YouTube here. Keep an eye out for this up and comer as she develops her talent, knowledge, focus and direction and figures out how it all fits into her world of video production. I love that she wants to inspire other’s with her work, I know she inspires me every day!!!

This is a fantastic example of reaching for your dream, whatever that may be for you. Go achieve it!

So… what do you want to do with your life? Are you doing what you’re passionate about? There’s good news -it’s never too late to start! You can’t change the past, so learn to let go and work toward what you want in life, the world awaits!

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