Who are you inspiring??

Who are you inspiring??

As we go through our day; morning routine, going to work or school, cooking meals, working out, playing with our kids and/or pets and spending time with our spouses, significant others, family and friends, do we ever consider the possibility that we are an inspiration for someone else?

Who are you inspiring?  Maybe its your neighbor who admires your savvy landscaping skills and coiffed hedges. Perhaps the co-worker who strives to be as organized, efficient and productive as you? Could something as simple as your personal style be an inspiration?… how you wear your hair or wear your clothing and accessories. All around us, we are all admired by people within our social or professional circle for something we do or a personal trait we express. It’s a powerful thing! Whether consciously or subconsciously, you have something of value to offer someone each day that makes a difference in their life. The problem is, we’re oftentimes too busy to look around us and see the impact. Wouldn’t it be great if we were told when this happens, or what specifically it is about us that is inspiring to that person? How would that change the outlook of your day, week, month or even better; how would you feel about yourself??

The simple gesture of communicating your thoughts out loud, expressing how you feel to someone so that they know the impact, is incredibly powerful. Recently, a comment was shared with me in the gym in front of everyone,  “I just love your back muscles, I was watching you during class and you are ripped!  You are just so beautiful and so strong and I love ya!  You inspire me to keep working on my upper body.” I was caught off guard and so absolutely flattered, I didn’t quite know what to say. I mean, the woman telling me this is also strong and beautiful and brightens the room with her being! Of course, I said “Thank you!” and let her know how equally beautiful she is so she heard the words back!! When did expressing our admiration or fondness for someone become foreign? Why is it that we neglect to say the words out loud to our family, friends, co-workers- even strangers? How beautiful they look today, how that new hairstyle flatters them, what amazing positive energy they have, how their smile lights up a room… When was the last time you shared this information with someone you see in your day? I’ve been hyper focused on my own fat loss lately, I quickly forget that imperfections to me are attributes for others. More so, the reflection I see in the mirror isn’t always the same vision the world around me sees.  During my plight for a leaner look, I overlooked the gains. My friends simple gesture of sharing her inspiration not only made my day, but really resonated  with me for many days following- enough to write this piece. I love that I inspire her to be strong!! I love that I AM strong!  I love that she wasn’t afraid to say the words out loud.  I love that my back muscles are beginning to look  lean again after my hormonal struggles last past year, its been a tough year. I love that her simple comment made me feel so beautiful and confident. I wonder if she knows how much she enlightened my day, giving me something I really needed to hear?  It was spontaneous, raw and enthusiastic. Thank you Jaime!!

That simple event snapped me right back on track to remembering there’s more to life than body fat percentage. It reminded me that something simple, like going to the gym  can be inspiring to someone else. It reminded me to have patience and appreciation for my body where its at now. Although it may not be where it was before or where I want it yet, my body is someone else’s idea of awesome. My body is strong and capable of amazing things.

I started paying attention throughout the rest of my week looking for other insight and discovery on inspiration. Within each of these events, inspiration was present…I noticed my youngest daughter’s admiration and adoration for her older sister’s style and creativity. At the gym, I watched as clients listened to instruction and worked to improve their skills. I noticed my husbands admiration of my ability to perform and coach lifts he’d never done before. I noticed the calming effect on my family during our busy schedule when I stayed calm and held it together! I noticed my little girl playing with my makeup and shoes. I noticed one person cooking in the kitchen can bring helpers with little hands. I noticed my youngest wanting to come to the gym with me or my oldest wanting to spend time together writing on our computers. These are not big events or life changing moments, but all of them add up to influences in each of their lives.

I gave some thought to who inspires me in my daily life. My kids inspire me to look at the world through their eyes. My husband inspires me to face challenges head on  and not be afraid to fight through difficult times. My oldest daughter Sami inspires me to find my own style and explore my creativity. My youngest, Jenna inspires me to find the joy in everything and greet the world with a smile. My best friend, Sarah, has the most beautiful and kind soul, a mind full of knowledge and a gift for helping others inspiring me to be more giving and open, to research more and reach out more.  Jason, Mark and Sarah inspire me to continue to self educate, write more and keep working  to find my own voice to share with the world. Jenny LaBaw inspires me to dig deep inside and trust I can face any obstacle. Fellow entrepreneurs inspire me to look at business issues from all angles. Dance teachers and dancers inspire me to continue to study my passion whenever possible. Coaches and trainers inspire me to help others become healthy and strong. John Fragoso, Jim Laird and Lucy Hendricks inspire me to learn and study all I can on correctives and proper movement patterns. My parents, rest their souls,  inspire me to plan ahead in life. I even inspire myself to  continue on my journey of self improvement; always striving to know more, learn more, be more, love more, speak more, share more, empathize more, experience more, laugh more, sleep more, play more, travel more.  All to be the best version of me I can possibly be and realize how much I’ve grown over the years!  I appreciate where I am right at this very moment.  All the years and miles behind my journey.  I’m proud to be able to share things I’ve learned and experienced in my life with others and that it inspires them whether in the gym, in business, or as a wife, mom or friend.  I aspire to be a  positive influence.

I hope by writing this and saying the words out loud, I’ve inspired you to do the same. Who are you inspiring? What inspires you?

Get out there and tell someone today how you’ve inspired them and see what comes your way!


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  1. Lisa

    Love this! I could not agree more- lifting each other up leads to more inspiration!

  2. jaime jereb

    So great Michele! I’m so happy you’re writing and getting informational inspiring words out there. I miss you and your back muscles. You only have like, the BEST back of all times!! 🙂
    love you buddy. Keep it up

    1. Michele Laine

      Jamie Jereb, thank you!! I miss you too buddy!! I love writing and I’m glad to see your blog back up and running too:) keep being your awesome self!!

  3. Jaime

    Michele, this is so lovely. I had no idea how much impact my spontaneous comment had on your life. It feels AMAZING to know that a few honest words put into motion so much love…especially the love toward yourself. I am glad that it is not foreign to me to share the beautiful things I see in other people. I have never known the outcome in such a way before, so thank YOU for turning this around for me to see. I’m inspired to not let it go unnoticed if I see something I admire. Like, for instance, your glutes 😉

    1. Michele Laine

      Jaime Nelson – I’m glad you liked the post and I’m especially glad you got to experience the impact of your honest words. Truly, thank you and thank you for all the smiles, hugs and laughs! You are a beautiful person. As far as the glutes, well…I’m blushing-lol! You know how much I love glutes training!!

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