Why bother to know yourself?

Why bother to know yourself?

Why bother to know yourself??

I was involved in a group discussion earlier this week that touched on this topic.

We spoke about how personal development coaches, life coaches, health/wellness, and business coaches sincerely want to help their clients live their best life and reach their highest potential!!

Yet, when it comes down to it, many coaches are working at the level of symptoms. Working on a symptom-level can help for a short while but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem their clients are seeking help in solving.

It, therefore, acts as a bandaid to the wound instead of healing the root cause. These strategies are helpful, but over time, the protection of the wound will override and it can leave a client feeling frustrated in their efforts and falling prey to their limiting beliefs and negative inner dialogue, stalling their efforts. Without knowing themselves on a deeper level, they continue to feel lost.

This prompted me to share with the group that I’ve had so many clients reporting back to me recently, that the transformational work I do has helped them more in one session, than multiple years of working with a therapist! 

That’s because you cannot solve an emotional problem with a thinking mind. The problem is in the body.” 

I’m grateful for them sharing their statement of truth with me because I’ve experienced the power in this embodiment work too! I explained; nothing external will ever heal an internal problem.

When I see transformations reflected back to me in my clients and have them expressing how much better they FEEL in their bodies and minds, I’m reminded of the powerful results neuro-transformation provides us. Their life-changing testimonies of sustainable shifts and breakthroughs in their lives touch my soul deeply.

As humans, if we have the ability to create our reality and live life from our experiences.

Once we experience something different than what we’ve been doing, we open ourselves up to more possibilities. When we feel the shift in our emotional, physical, and mental well being, our beliefs, and empowerment, we can recognize the disempowerment we once operated from. We learn we can remain at choice.

You can begin to stop the struggle to make things happen in your life through sheer willpower, positive thinking, and affirmations, but after a while, doing all the things just stops working on a deep level.

That’s because the problem is embodied in emotions, where default beliefs and thought habits of protection win every time until they are healed.

Diet and exercise are an amazing example of this:

 How many failed diets and exercise plans have you experienced in your life? Motivated for a while, doing all “the right things,” yet still felt stuck? The root cause wasn’t addressed, thus preventing success in reaching the goal.

I get it – I’ve been there.

Most of us don’t understand how our mind operates, nor spend time observing our behavior. We beat ourselves up for being less than. We often feel the pressure to define ourselves through our jobs, financial status, successes, grades, appearance, what other people say about us. (All of the ways the world tells us that we should, need to or have to be “enough”.)

We distract ourselves with all kinds of  mental busy-ness and physical “doing.”

But, we…

  • are not the label we keep ourselves boxed into.
  • are not our performance, wealth, or the roles we play in life.
  • have simply forgotten who we are over time through all of our “doing.”
  • do each have a soul purpose, a passion, and gifts that are unique to us.

The process of awakening and healing elevates behavior and habitual patterns in thoughts, responses, and reactions in life, breaking us free from stressful cycles of needing to fill a void or re-living in our past.

It clears the congestion of overwhelm, worry, and frustration preventing us from tuning into “being” where our foundation stabilizes. We’re no longer driven by the deep-rooted fears of not being enough. Without it, we continue to tailspin.

By healing the root, we become intentional about pivoting with change as it comes into our lives.

It clears the path for positive changes in habits, thoughts, beliefs, reactions, responses, and actions to occur simply and naturally.  It does so because we’re clearer on how our mind and body operate in response to what we desire most.

When we really know who we are at our core and how we are wired, we have the opportunity to move beyond doing into being; feeling more whole inside. We can begin choosing life by design, no longer living it by default.

You’ll know when you’re ready.  

I’ll be here to guide you back to yourself when you are!

I’d love to connect on a call and hear what’s going on for you.  

Click here and reach out!!  

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