You’ll never be the same as you shift from old thinking, behaviors, and patterns to reclaiming your most authentic, unlimited, badass self. 


 Are you ready to feel the shifts in your mind and body as you breakthrough to your unlimited self with guidance and support?


  • One weekly coaching session via phone or Zoom.
  • Three or Six month coaching packages available.
  • Unlimited Voxer voice coaching between sessions.
  • Inspired Action Homework between our scheduled calls.
  • Use of binaural beats and/or meditation for reducing the bodies daily stress response.
  • Weekly motivation and inspiration toward your goals.
  • Personalized attention to ensure you step into your best self.
  • Custom essential oils tailored for your needs. 



We begin with determining your specific, personalized Breakthrough Blueprint using multiple tools and exercises tailored to meet your specific needs. 

In this session together, we’ll explore your most present goal, intention, or big dream and identify that ONE key element keeping you from what you want most and how you can get it! You’ll walk away empowered knowing about your strength, superpowers and obstacles so you no longer have to stay stuck.

An entire blueprint outlining clearity on what you want, a structured action plan, and forward progress toward creating your perfect life! Badass value for $197.00!!



Join me on a six-week transformational online experience to reconnect you to your inner power. You will connect with other women, who are seeking the next level of life & next phase of depth. Women ready to step into who they were all born to be awakening from the slumber they’ve been in. 

Women who are ready for massive transformation! Those who have courage to face themselves, willingness to see it through, and commitment to walk the path. Women who are ready to discover their divine purpose and be held in a safe container together, nurturing and nourishing healthy personal growth, shifts, & breakthroughs. 

As your coach, I’ll be your supportive bestie and help you execute the strategy to see results; expect to work and work hard! I’ll teach you to depend on YOU, love AND trust yourself, and learn to stay grounded so you’ll keep pushing forward long after our work together ends.

“It’s amazing how much powerful work can be done in a session with Michele Laine! I have a very difficult past. I’ve survived some crazy situations. I have battled depression. I have gone through a lot of challenges… This past year I decided to start working through the biggest trauma of my past. Michele helped me to start with step one; taking the time to remember and to love little Janelle- to give her space, to give her a voice and most importantly to literally hug her!
Michele takes the time to help breakthrough the surface, then gently continues on to help you achieve a deep transformation! Thank you Michele for your energy, your patience and your guidance.”
Janelle McMiller

4-Ways To Quiet Your Inner Critic ~ FREE Training

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Keep discovering your authentic AMAZINGNESS!!!


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