Through years of working with women of all various backgrounds, needs, goals, and desires, I have found that each one of them is searching for the same universal thing – to stop feeling stuck, and to start stepping into their full potential. 

Working with me as your coach, we will use multiple modalities such as: brainspotting, neuro-transformational coaching, and energy work to peel back the layers of who you thought you “should” be and learn who you BE!! 

You will be relaxed, awakened, and reintroduced to your unlimited potential – including your hidden dreams and desires. You’ll receive priceless tools for courageous self-expression, nurturing and nourishing self-care, and craft a flexible plan for the future that will be a source of joy and fulfillment for the rest of your life. 

You’ll fall in deep love, appreciation, and acceptance with yourself through improved mental, physical, and emotional health so you can heal from your past and create your most amazing life and make every day count.

“Working with Michele has been life changing! Combatting a debilitating disease and overwhelming life stress, I sought treatments from a variety of practitioners. Above all, Michele’s wisdom, intuition and empathy have guided me through the healing of deep emotional wounds that have made the biggest impact on my physical, as well as emotional health. Not only has this shift in mindset enhanced my body’s immune response and triggered more rapid healing of my disease, but her Brainspotting sessions have empowered me to a new level of self-love, self-worth, peace and life contentment beyond what I knew I was capable of feeling! For anyone ready and desiring true inner transformation, she is the ideal guide, coach and friend to facilitate your healing journey.”
Jodi Pierce

When we can better understand how the brain works in our own behaviors, we can release the unrealistic expectations, conditions, impossibilities, and standards we hold ourselves too in the form of perfection.

We begin to make progress in being a better version of ourselves when we understand ourselves better. Getting clear on our desires. Becoming specific in what we really want and what actions it will take to get there makes the difference in our results. It’s heart opening, soul connecting, and refreshing when we stop pretending, become honest and real with ourselves, start taking action and ownership in our lives. Our health, finances, environment, relationships, business, and personal life up level as well as our definitions of success in these areas. We no longer have to place so many expectations on ourselves or others because of the lack of wholeness we’re feeling inside. 

As human beings, we are able to unlearn old behavior patterns, beliefs, and habits and rewrite the stories of our lives so we can receive the gifts and perspective shifts in what life has for us, instead of what’s being done to us.

Neuro-Transformation and Brainspotting are specific and unique modalities of life coaching that redirect thought patterns in the brain. They’re designed to remove blocks, heal trauma and anxiety, and redirect synapses in the brain to promote healing and breakthroughs that shift the clients perspectives, choices, limiting beliefs, and behavioral patterns where they’re feeling stuck in life. These truly amazing, profound coaching strategies, are positively healing and life changing for clients in all areas of their lives.

When we are brave enough to explore the deep root cause to the behaviors we no longer want, we can begin to heal the subconscious patterns that run deep in our thoughts, habits, drivers, reactions, and values in life. We have a choice to no longer live a life of misery and suffering from our past. Every thought we have either fights for our liberation or our restriction. Our self -punishment can be released when we release the stories that are keeping us stuck from taking action. 

When we make the action the goal, not the expectations, we get results.

I have a passion for helping high achieving, professional women make internal shifts in the inner programming so they can transform their mental, physical, and emotional health, prioritize and uplevel their self-care, shift self-loathing to self-love, feel fantastic in their skin, and create their life by design.

“It’s amazing how much powerful work can be done in a session with Michele Laine! I am an extremely happy person MOST of the time, but I am also human. I have a very difficult past. I’ve survived some crazy situations. I have battled depression. I have gone through a lot of challenges… This past year I decided to start working through the biggest trauma of my past. Michele helped me to start with step one; taking the time to remember and to love little Janelle- to give her space, to give her a voice and most importantly to literally hug her!
Michele takes the time to help breakthrough the surface, then gently continues on to help you achieve a deep transformation! Thank you Michele for your energy, your patience and your guidance.”
Janelle McMiller

Are you ready to stop suffering and start living?

Are you ready to learn where you can make the shifts and breakthroughs needed in your life to transform your world into a happier and healthier place?

You are one decision away!! You CAN be really happy, healthy, fulfilled, AND successful!


You’ll never be the same as you shift from old thinking, behaviors, and patterns to a re-introduction of the YOU, you were meant to BE. 

Your most authentic, unique, best, badass self at your core. 

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Private Coaching includes:

  • One weekly coaching session via phone or Zoom.
  • Unlimited text/voice messages or email.
  • Inspired Action Homework between our scheduled calls.
  • Use of binaural beats and/or meditation for reducing the bodies daily stress response.
  • Weekly motivation and inspiration toward your goals.
  • Accountability and support.
  • Personalized attention to ensure you step into your best self yet.
  • Custom essential oils tailored for your needs.
  • Notes of each call maintained and shared with you via Google Docs.
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Here’s how we can create something beautiful together:

We begin with a FREE consultation call to see if we’re a good fit for each other. From there, we have a two free coaching sessions to establish and analyze your goals. We work together to co-create a custom strategy of tools, healing modalities, and exercises tailored to meet your specific needs and achieve your desired results.

By working with me, you’ll get clear on what you want, create a structured action plan, and take the steps to get there with accountability and support.  I want you to shine bright, ignite your spirit, and live a rewarding life every day.

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Join me on a three month transformational journey of mind, body, and spirit with an intimate group of ten women as we unlock our unlimited potential, dream bigger for ourselves , and dive into inspired action taking with support and accountability to create the change we desire in our lives and make our one life count!  


As your coach, I’ll be your supportive bestie and help you execute the strategy to see results; expect to work and work hard! I’ll teach you to depend on YOU, love AND trust yourself, and learn to stay grounded so you’ll keep pushing forward long after our work together ends.

4-Ways To Quiet Your Inner Critic ~ FREE Training

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NOW is the time to create healthy thoughts, shift daily energy, and reframe negative self-talk. Sign up today to receive your FREE video training and a copy of my workbook Quiet Your Inner Critic!

Keep discovering your authentic AMAZINGNESS!!!


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