You Are Never Too Old to…..

You Are Never Too Old to…..

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream” C.S. Lewis

Isn’t that the truth!! I’ve spent the last few years really exploring what this quote means to me. Why is it that we reach a certain age and suddenly, we think we are too old to start something new? Obviously, this comes at a time when we are quite aware we are no longer in our twenties, perhaps even saying goodbye to our thirties. Yes, many of us may be parents who have enjoyed watching a decade or so through our children’s eyes.  Or others may think their time has come and gone for their dream because they didn’t act upon it when they were younger; but too old? Really?? What’s stopping you?

What is it that you dream about? What do you want to be doing that you haven’t yet done? Are you wishing for the time or making the time to reach your goal or do the things that resonate in your heart and soul? We are excellent at working, taking care of the house, yard, kids, finances – but are we spending time working on ourselves? What opportunities were missed today from not making the time to sit with a friend, or share a story, take a class, learn something new, or go for our dream? If we are waiting for tomorrow to come, when will it ever be here to write that book, take that class, change that career or start that business you’ve been dreaming of?

I was at the park with friends this week on a super warm 90-degree morning  I was there to try some Parkour movements and get outside my comfort zone. I could have passed because it was too darned hot, or because I was brand new, or because I was too nervous to try: but I didn’t!! I allowed myself one hour to experience something new, challenge my body, mind and even my spirit. It even inspired this post! If I didn’t make time for this new experience, I would have missed out on enjoying a morning outside, great camaraderie, succeeding at something new and a chance to learn a bit more about myself. My biggest struggle was allowing myself to dig in: accept the chance of falling or missing my target. Kind of like what we experience in life; taking that leap of faith toward a goal to fulfill a dream while trusting the unknown. It felt good to step outside that box and take that leap. No matter how old we get, there’s always room for something we love to do or want to try if we just make the time. To find a time, we make the choice to make that time happen!

Writing is one of my dreams. I’ve always loved writing and I’ve visualized myself writing for as many years as I could remember. I’m still exploring what I want to write about, but my why is clear. I want to share with you experiences and circumstances that made a profound impact on my life. I’m sharing my passions and vulnerability;  allowing myself to be open to growth, experience new experiences and see where it takes me. I’m living my life with an appreciation for the nature of all things.Along the journey called my life, I’ve experienced greatness, loss, anger, happiness, excitement, disappointment, fear, and love. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Some of these have come easy, others with a price. Each of them, however, have been gifts. At least, I choose to see them that way. I believe we are who we are for having lived and experienced these life events. It’s with this appreciation that I strive to seek out my dreams. I’m working on leaving my doubt behind and putting myself out there. Stretching, growing and evolving into the future as, ME -no matter what age. The act of following my dreams and reaching for my goal,  pushes me to face fears and get uncomfortable. I know, I  know: no one likes to feel uncomfortable, but I think uncomfortable is essential for growth. I make time in my schedule for these things, I no longer wish for the time.

By carving out time, I’m able to be a much better mother, wife, friend, and business partner. I find it easier keeping up the house, laundry, cooking, caring for the family, and working when I have something to look forward too that I can call my very own. I prioritize my time for things that feed my soul: writing, workouts, walks, yoga, dance, time with friends. I challenge myself with something new from time to keep things interesting or make another dream into reality.  I’m also careful to say no to people and things that may drain my energy or over commit my time. This is my secret for finding my “me” time. Does this mean I never volunteer for parent help at gymnastics or drive on field trips at my daughter’s school? Nope. It just means I choose what works best for me. I choose to make sure I’m not overscheduled to do the things that bring me joy and keep me healthy and feeling my best first, instead of filling my life with “have to’s or should’s”.  (After all, we don’t want to “should” all over ourselves – do we?!)

So I’ll ask …are you making time to seek out your dreams or do you find yourself wishing you have more time to (fill in the blank)?  When I hear the words “wish I had more time” or “I’ll try”, I often wonder, why – why do you not do the thing you love? Why do you not make time happen in your day for the things that bring you happiness? What changes can you make today to get you closer to that goal and make it happen? We are only on this earth for a very short while. Wouldn’t that time be well spent doing what we love and reaching for our dreams, so we can be the best version of ourselves? After all, you are never too old to start!

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  1. Rina

    Great post gorgeous!! Loved it!!! XOXOXO

  2. Tanika

    This was just what I needed to hear today. Almost like a validation of what I have been feeing and knowing I should do but struggling to do because of thank you. I really enjoy your page. Keep it up.

    1. Michele Laine

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it Tanika!!! Thank you so much for the feedback. I know its scary to begin something new, but I’ve found just spending a little time each day, taking action toward your goal produces great results and makes the fear dissolve away. It creates such a feeling of accomplishment and in my opinion, not only boosts confidence, but also makes the rest of the day better. Good luck on your endeavor!!

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