You Either Get Bitter or You Get Better

You Either Get Bitter or You Get Better

Life is a series of choices – our choices. We are responsible for how we respond to what happens to us in life. Everyday we’re faced with a series of choices that mold who we are: choices with food, exercise, relationships, career.  Sometimes, though, we’re faced with difficulties in life. Difficulties with finances, relationships, health or even death of a loved one.  What happens then? Will the choices we make during those dark, difficult times mold and forever change us after the ordeal has passed?  Yes!  The thing is, they can change you for the better or worse. Whatever the circumstance, we have a choice to get bitter about what life throws at us or to get better – better at dealing with frustration or disappointment, better at finding the positive of the situation, better at taking care of our heath during stressful times.

Maybe you lose your job overnight. Maybe you own a business for over 20 years and one day you find out your line of credit will no longer be honored at your bank.  Maybe unexpected expenses happen with a car repair or the washer and dryer go out. Maybe your relationship is going through a rough patch right now?  Whatever it is, please know you will get through it!  You will not be in this place forever and although it may feel like you are alone in your quest,  there are others in your life willing to lend an ear or a hand during your time of need. Don’t let the negativity of the situation consume you.  You may become bitter or resentful and wonder why these things happen to you.  It may feel as though you are the only one in which bad luck happens to you and no one else has to go through these struggles, but truth is, we all have struggles.  We all have things we are dealing with daily, weekly, monthly.. its a part of life.  Its the part of life that builds character, that brings us strength when we don’t think we’ll have any more, that brings us the gifts of lessons learned -even if we cannot see what those gifts are at that time.  Don’t take a ride on the bitch train – you know; the train that gathers all your woes, all your negativity and makes its stops along the tracks of life complaining, talking negatively to self, making excuses.

Instead, choose to be on the bliss train!  The train that allows us to change our mindset: to expect things to workout instead of things always going wrong. Choose to get through each day with purpose, focusing all your energy on trusting things will work out for you and changing your feelings to manifest the best of your situation.  In my experience, you need to trust and have faith that things will work out bringing you better off than you ever were before that life circumstance.  Oftentimes, if difficult to see how such a dilemma can bring something good in the future, I’ve found the old adage to be true; when windows close, doors open.  The trick is being open to finding those doors and taking a step through! To work on becoming better with our reactions, our thought processes, our belief that we can pull through tough times of change and trust that everything will work out. Once you realize you have the power to evoke change, you have the knowledge of knowing better. Staying in the negative is a choice, being bitter and staying on the bitch train is YOUR choice.  Being diligent and working through to work out of the situation is also a choice. You’ll quickly find the better the outlook gets, the better you get and you’ll soon be transitioning yourself from the beginning reaction of the situation to becoming better at dealing with life’s intense moments, to allowing yourself the confidence and belief to positively change your outlook, no matter what life throws at you.  So the choice is yours:  you’ll either get bitter or will you get better!

Need a helping hand on where to begin?  One helpful way is allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone and attend a workshop focusing on self-growth!   I always find that if you are able to take away one helpful bit of information from a seminar or workshop, it’s time and money well spent. I recently attended a workshop by Andy Dooley and although I didn’t know what to expect from the day, surprisingly  I learned a lot of helpful information on mental focus and it inspired me to write this piece.  Take a friend with you,  let go and spend a day working on yourself.  It’s enlightening!!  More information on the bitch train and bliss train here.



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