Become The Fierce, Awakened Woman You Were Born To Be; Mind, Body, & Spirit!

 Awaken unlimited potential, shift self-sabotage to self-love, and become the unstoppable confident, healthy, successful , woman you ARE.  

Shift from “doing’ to “being’ YOU at your core.


  • Shift your mindset

  • Transform your habits

  • Unlock your potential

  • Elevate your life!

  • Now is the time to step into the best version of YOU!

“I highly recommend Michele, no matter what you’re going through. She’s grounded, practical, supportive, creative, and inspirational.
– Candice Hall

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  • Do you live by a thousand things on your to-do list finding yourself burned out and in a vicious cycle of overwhelm?
  • Are you hustling, working hard with little or no results?
  • Are you stuck somewhere between doubt and fear, not getting the results you desire in your health, wealth, business, relationships with self, body, others – and don’t know how to change it?
  • Are you hard on yourself  and not giving yourself enough credit for how far you’ve come?
  • Have you abandoned your deeper dreams and desires for fear of criticism or judgement?
  • Are things are not as clear as you’d like them to be in your life or business?
  • Do you have a deeper sense that if you could just get out of your way and break through these old patterns, you could live a more confident, healthier, happier, fulfilling existence?

I know how you feel. I’ve been there myself! The beautiful thing, is that it can all be changed. My life forever changed; mind, body, & spirit – when I made the decision to take a look at myself from the inside out with a new set of lenses. I ditched my excuses, rose above my limitations, and got clear on what I wanted no longer being held captive by what I thought I “should” be, “had” to be, or “needed” to be to just be ME- and you can too!! You’re one decision away from your next level of success. It’s time to get to know yourself better and reintroduce yourself to YOU.

Experience true embodied transformation so you can look and feel great in your skin, dream bigger, and create the success in your life you’ve only dared to dream. It already lives within you!!!! So if you’re ready to reignite within yourself, feel whole again, and make a real shift in your health, wealth, confidence, well being, happiness, and you’re ready to elevate your life and I’ll get you there!

→ Overcome Limiting Beliefs

→ Improve Health

→ Manage Stress & Anxiety

→ Create Positive Energy & Mindset

→ Love and Trust Yourself

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