My Story

I’m Michele Laine. I’m a mother and wife first, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and coach second. I’m thoroughly flawed, imperfect, fractured, and complicated with as many internal blocks and challenges as the rest of you. I’m a recovering perfectionist, over-thinker, anxiety sufferer, and self-sabotager.

And I’m fascinated with figuring out life; learning to change deep-rooted habits, healing the human body from the stress response we put it through, and how the human mind works. I love to learn about why we hold ourselves back, what we’re capable of achieving in all areas of our lives, and teaching other people what I learn along the way.

My business obsession is helping entrepreneurs and high perfomrers rid their fears, limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns so they can live healthier in their skin, get out of their own way, and live an unlimited life full of passion, presence, joy, and purpose.

Actually though…
I never planned on doing what I’m doing now. Not too long ago I just wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Let me share with you a few pieces of my story that changed the trajectory of my life, because that’s not how it turned out .

I grew up living with a mother diagnosed with debilitating multiple sclerosis. With no knowledge of coping skills for the chaos our family endured living in that state, we lived life in survival mode. I had a proud Italian father who wouldn’t seek help or share our “dirty laundry” with others. At a young age, I learned pride in sucking up what life throws at you and pushing through it. I preoccupied my 12 year old mind from worry by obessing on becoming thin. I was a chucky girl and losing weight seemed to bring my parents joy (probably from their endless obession of dieting themselves.)  I began my battle with unrealistic and unhealthy standards of body image that held me hostage for decades. It was one thing I felt I could control in a life where so much was out of my control.

My dance career began at the young age of three. As a dancer, my need for approval, applause, and accomplishment was satisfied. My parents were so proud of me when I was dancing, that made me happy, I was good at it, and it brought me joy to please others.  Dance was my first glimpse into realizing what I was capable of when I put my mind to something. It also provided strength, talent, a place to build self-confidence, work ethic, and it cultivated my passion for the stage.  

However, on stage, I quickly learned I could become anyone everyone wanted me to be which bled in to my everyday life in a vicious cycle of seeking the approval of others, doubting my decisions, and wanting to do things right (perfect) or not at all. That pattern continued into motherhood, marriage, and adulthood.  I became conditioned to staying super busy, achieving as much as I could, pleasing others with my performance and looks, putting myself last, and avoiding confrontation at all costs. When I’d fall short, no one could punish me more than my inner self-judger and critic.  My inner voice began driving the bus and distracted me from truly knowing and trusting in myself. 

Then a few amazing things happened along my journey that lit a fire within me:


  • I was determined to make my life better though dedication, commitment, and consisitency.
  • I decided I was going to live a healthy life after witnessing my parents health deteriorate from stress and lack of self-care.
  • I was determined for my kids to never suffer from the body image issues and low self-esteem I experienced in my youth.

                                                                Those, my friends, are intentions of the heart sent out into the Universe.

Then my world turned upside down.

Fast forward to 2007. My husband and I had built a fantastic life together!! A successful business. Our dream home. We enjoyed hobbies like wakeboarding and quad riding, working out at the gym; I was in the best shape of my life. With two beautiful daughters then, my dream of retiring from our office came true and I became a stay at home mom. I was content in life, on autopilot. Wife, a mother of two beautiful daughters, successful business owner of multiple six figure businesses with my husband, established lifestyle, passion for healthy living.

By March of 2013, we suffered a tragic loss of our business, both our incomes, our forever home and lifestyle, as well as five family member’s passing. (Check out my book for more on that story!) So much devastation followed in the world as the economic downturn of 2008 ensued. Yet, had the catastrophic events not happened, I may have never asked a pivotal questions of myself: “If I could do anything else, be anything -what would I do and who would I be? What did I want?”

I didn’t know who I was, what I liked to do anymore, or what I wanted. I loved being a wife and mom but I’d inhabited being busy and making everyone’s life come first. Besides working out and eating healthy, I had no idea what else there was for me. I’d forgotten how to dream for myself.

There’s a quote by Steve Jobs I’ll paraphrase “We can only connect the dots looking backward”. Never has a quote been more profound in my life than this one. All the events of my life have led me to my purpose today.

So, at the age of 44, I began reinventing and rediscovering myself.

As I followed my passions of writing and coaching and opportunities began presenting themselves: guest blogging, planning health & wellness retreats, training people in the gym. The problem was – I was still doing for everyone else and not growing anything of my own.

Then it hit me

Build my own business!!! Something of my very own built from all of my passions. I began my own blog and self-published my first book. Soon after, though, I learned about the most  significant thing standing in my way – ME!  I was paralyzed by the fear of visibility and what other’s would think of me. The vulnerability of being viewed in all my imperfection.

All of my truth was exposed. When I faced leveling up to media exposure and social media presence, I found myself face to face with what I’d been avoiding my whole life – really knowing, loving, and trusting myself.  I had to face this truth in myself to move forward. I could no longer hide my self esteem through my confidence. I felt like an impostor. I swirled in comparing myself to others and consumed myself with self- doubt, not knowing what to do next. I was stuck just as soon as I got started!

The beautiful thing about the universe and following your calling (intuition) is all of the alignment that occurs when you’re on the path that’s meant for you and you’re willing to lean into it.

Speaking at one live women’s event in the Fall of 2017, SPARK Chico, changed my life. It opened my world to bigger dreams and possibilities. The people I was meant to meet flowed into my path and changed the trajectory of my life. I dove into neuro transformation to experience deep work into myself so I could create the breakthroughs and shifts necessary to lean into my fear and doubts and come through the other side. Within this experience,  I found my voice, my truth, and my gift.

My life began unfolding with a purpose to help people live their healthiest lives without limits; mind body and spirit. 

Recognizing my patterns perfectionism and overthinking developed into over the decades,  helped grow my awareness and ability in shifting my thoughts. Shifting to more empowering, action-oriented solutions, releasing stored emotions holding me captive in my body, and reintroducing myself to the me I had forgotten I could be so long ago. 

Giving myself a permission slip to show up, advocate for myself harder, be coached and mentored so I could peel back layers and begin un-becoming everything I thought I “should” be.  I reintroduced myself to ME and I continue every day to learn to show up fully in who I truly BE.

By meeting myself where I was at and staying in the work, I found my deeper passion advocating for my clients and teaching them to do the same. We truly are unlimted beings with powerful intuition and the ability to love and accept ourselves with so much more compassion than we are taught in life. It’s time for each of us to rise up and become the greatest version of ourselves. It’s never too late!

I’m in my fifties now. I’m redefining midlife, and relearning to navigate through life’s uncertainty. I’m teaching my daughters how to show up fully in their power amid their failures and successes, taking care of their bodies, minds, and spirits by showing up fully for MY OWN experience.
I’m embracing and embodying a new way of BEING and living without limits. I’ve found freedom and peace as I’ve never known before; in my body, my mind, and my soul. 

My inner critic and monkey mind have quieted and I can tune into my awakened unlimited badass and inner goddess. I love her – she’s awesome and I’m excited about sharing my imperfections and lessons learned with you!!

Now through my own retreats and workshops, coaching, and books; I’m teaching other women how to become who they BE so they can create the life they dare to dream too!

This work has changed my life, and I guarantee it will change yours too!  I stay in the work and I’m willing to dive deep into my humanity so I continue to heal old patterns and habits from decades past. I advocate for you hard; being willing to only take you as deep as I am wiling to take myself. (And friends- I’m a scuba diver when it comes to personal quantum growth). As I’ve cleared my limiting beliefs away, I’ve made room for unlimited possibilities and opportunities. I’ve made more space to fill my life with what brings me joy and makes my heart sing. I was born for the exact journey I’m on and its perfect timing.  The human spirit just wants to be freed so we can become the absolute best versions of ourselves. 

Everything I’ve experience: every story, heartbreak, sadness, success, and defeat in my life has led me to connecting these dots in the timeline of my past through to this very moment. I’ve never felt more qualified in serving others through this work. I’m honored to serve you on your path of self-discovery.

Are you ready to go all in, let go, breakthrough, and shift into BEING? Are you ready to transform from a life of complacencies to a healthier, happier, more authentic YOU? Are you ready to redesign and create your best life? 

Know this. There’s a reason you’re reading this, and you’re likely ready to show up, flip your funk, and awaken to the unlimited version of yourself – you were born to become. For more information on my coaching services, please click on the “Work With Me” page.

Michele’s coaching passion has been a culmination of over 20 years of extensive personal development studies and applied experience. She continued to dance through college, receiving a Bachelor Degree in Dance Education (teaching emphasis) from the University of California, Irvine, shared 22 years of entrepreneurial experience owning businesses with her husband, as well as, certifying as a Strength & Conditioning coach. Upon graduating from Self Publishing School (SPS) in 2016, she become a self-published, Best Selling Author and featured speaker at women’s retreats and live events with her first book Stronger Than The Storm.

She evolved her coaching background to include certifications in confidence, neuro transformational breakthrough coaching, belief clearing, and Brainspotting where she broadened her studies of human behavior and the neurobiological impact within our bodies and minds from negative thoughts, feelings, and stored emotions.  Learning to release and clear the blocked energies stored in the body from previously experienced life events (traumas), perceptions of self, and stress/anxiety creates lasting, embodied behavioral changes in all areas of our lives to we can unlock and elevate our unlimited potential , cultivate whatever we dare to dream, and take the inspired action to begin BEING the creators in our lives.

“What’s in the brain is in the body and what’s in the body is in the brain.” ~ David Grand

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