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I’m a mother of two beautiful daughters, wife, business owner, Bestselling Author,  personal trainer and Mind-Body Accountability Coach. I started my very own blog in 2015 to share my ramblings on life: aging gracefully after 40, family, health, wellness, and embracing beauty along the way.

My oldest daughter is in college and my youngest, middle school. Where has time gone?  Together, we can share these and other life milestones.  We’ll embark upon the next phases of life as we learn more about what ignites our heart and soul and makes our bright light sparkle and shine.

In my blog, I write about my perspectives on life, love, family, friendship, health, hormones, mindfulness, wellness, beauty, and inner strength as it’s the secret strength behind feeling fantastic on our skin!

As a consultant, coach and personal trainer, I work with my clients to help them realize their potential and strength in this crazy thing called life. I provide encouragement to believe in their abilities and accountability to live their best life possible.

I love to inspire others in reaching their highest potential. I love teaching women how they ARE able to prioritize their self-care; mind, body & spirit. I don’t accept the word “can’t” because I believe there is always a way – a choice to be made. I believe in optimizing health by following five pillars: sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management, and following passions in life.  I believe in living your dreams.10367604_989713381044214_3098598302101282117_n

My daughters and I share a love of all things beauty. We’ll share beauty tips, and tricks and have been known to create fun videos from time to time. 11692716_1140314562650761_1194375017293155915_n

The entire family loves to cook! Allergies and food sensitivities between us, we’re really good and making healthy, real food taste great!  Simple and easy recipes for our busy lives with clean, real ingredients free of preservatives, refined sugar, and gluten.

We’re an active family and enjoy moving our bodies. After all the human body was born to MOVE!!! Collectively, we lift weights, walk, hike, dance, practice yoga, box, swim and participate in competitive gymnastics (okay, not all of us – just the youngest, but its a dedication of the entire family, like any other competitive sport!) Oftentimes, we do many of these things together, which I LOVE!!!!

This lifestyle optimizes our health, encourages healthy habits for life and for those of us in the family beyond 45, it keeps our aging bodies (and hormones) in check.

Your body in your late 40’s is NOT the same as your body in your 20’s; in fact, it’s always talking to you — it’s time to listen. Lifestyle changes can make improvements in health while navigating all of the changes women’s bodies experience!!

I feel like the luckiest person having spent the last decade educating my myself on health, movement, and wellness from some of the best in the industry. Robb Wolf, John & Sarah Fragoso, Dr. Brooke Kalanick, Jenny Labaw, Maru Ichabella, Sean Smith, Kim Somers Egelsee,

I’m excited to share all of this with you and have you along for this next chapter of life. Now nearing my fifties, I’ve learned a few things about myself and my philosophies on life:

    • Don’t be afraid to be who you are and embrace the REAL you!!  It’s okay, there are no “right” answers, and it doesn’t matter what others think- no one is perfect! Now is the time to choose YOU, not later, not someday – NOW!
    • You’re a collection of many passions, many likes, and dislikes. It’s NEVER too late to live them, explore new heights, and discover more about yourself.
    • Face your fears and live your dreams, they are a part of you and who you’re meant to be. Trust your intuition in all areas of your life, more than your convictions and see where it takes you. Get ready to soar!
    • Choose to be happy. Fill your life with people and memories that keep your cup full and let the rest go. Don’t be afraid to get really honest with yourself and explore what’s serving you and what no longer is.
    • Live the life you were meant to live; it’s never too late to make changes!
    • Never stop educating and investing in yourself. Personal development is an investment with the greatest return.

Here it is, all my passions rolled into one website! Thank you for joining me on my life’s journey.

For more information on my coaching services, please click on the “Work With Me” page.


Michele’s coaching passion has been a culmination of over 20 years of extensive personal development studies and applied experience. Her devotions through the years have resulted in a Bachelor Degree in Dance Education (teaching emphasis) from University of California, Irvine,  19 years entrepreneurial experience owning businesses with her husband, certification as a Strength & Conditioning coach, graduate of Self Publishing School (SPS), where she then became a self-published, Best Selling Author and featured speaker at women’s retreats with her first book Stronger Than The Storm. 

Michele has recently evolved her certifications to include life coaching, confidence coaching, and neuro transformational coaching where she’s able to broaden her love of the behavioral thought patterns of the human mind and how it impacts all areas of health and wellness in our lives.


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